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Acciones Erasmus + KA104 (Formación profesorado) 2018-2019

"Internacionalización Sin Pausa / Non Stop Internationalization"

Movilidades 2018/2019

Observación buenas prácticas

1.-  Sastomala Opisto, Finlandia

Cursos formación profesorado

- Literatura inglesa

- Structured Educational Visit to Schools/Institutes & Training Seminars in Icelan

- Habilidades comunicativas para el profesorado

- Interactive ICT-based, web and digital tools for an effective blended, flipped and cooperative learning

Our project “Internationalization Non-Stop” was created to respond to the need of taking advantage of the internationalisation impulse of our school, which constitues a priority sinve the 2014- 2015 school year. After years on work on the matter, at the moment all the members of staff have English language skills to fully participate in activities with teachers from other countries. 

Apart from Grudntvig and Erasmus+ projects, we have collborations with institutions from the United Kingdom and the USA from 2011. We have also hosted seven Erasmus+ interns from the United Kingdom, Greece, Finland and Italy. The excellent results that these activities are producing encoraged us to continue working in this line, and even try to achieve new more ambitious objectives, since it would be a pity to let this intrenational impulse decline. 

Our present project has had two main objectives: on thne one hand, we wanted to consolidate what we have acieved in this matter so far; on the other hand, we wanted to create new pathlines. The final goal is the benefit of our adult students, who mainly have deprived social and family backgrounds, in which internationalisation is not available to them and, even social inclusion may be a very likely threat. Al the members of the staff participated in the project.

These were the mobilities finally organised:

1.- Course on English language and Literature methodology update, for the English teacher, Cheltemham, United Kingdom.

2.- Benchmarking course in Iceland, to study the organization and management of schools and the educational system in this country.

3.- Benchmarking at Sastamala Opisto , Finland, and adult education school where the participating teacher had the chance of sharing assorted activities with the Finnish colleagues and getting to know all the particulars about the liberal education system.

4 and 5: Courses of English language in basic levels for the teachers of Natural and Social Science, who have been fully involved in our intrernational activities for years.

6.- Course on video recording and videos used for educational purposes, to support the international activities carried out at the moment and integarting new tools in our future collaborations and projects. Also, the boost the creation of more and better materilas to be included in Moodle and Google Classroom.

As a result, We have been able to incorporate several measure during school year 2018-19 so as to improve methodology, decision taking, modernisation, general atmosphere, increase in the interest to learn other languages and cultures or motivation in general. These have included an updating of the methodlogy in the English and Spanish language and Litearture clasess (Haikus contest, introduction od Snapseed, Paslet, Quizlet or Flipgrid, the study of new authors like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi or the use of Ted Talks to prepare oral presentations) During school year 2019-20, new measures will be implemented, such as the creation of a room for collaborative work, the updating of the strategies for dissemination of out educational offer , activities using Englis in the Natural Science and Social Science lessons, presentations to the students of some the cxultural aspects of the mobilities and using new apps for the creation and excahnge of videos with students from other countries.

We should point out that as a result of the mobilities of this project new European contacts have been created. These crystalised in the organization of a benchamarking period in Italy, which was included in a new KA104 project wich was finally approved. Besides, a new video exchange has been organised with the English students of the Finnish adult education school. New contacts and ideas are beeing shared with them, for future collaboration such as the design of a KA2 project and a benchmarking period in our school.